Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I am beyond rational thinking at this point.

Let me explain...

I am at work until 11pm. Jack said he would pick up the kids after work, which was originally supposed to be after 9pm. Now Keith's group home has a curfew, which is 9pm, so I asked Lisa( the kids' stepmom) yesterday if she would mind picking up Keith around 6pm today and take him to their house.

That way, Jack could make one stop and we wouldn't miss Keith. She said to me no problem and I thought everything was settled.

Oh no, I call a frantic voice mail from Keith at about 5pm. I go in the back office and Keith is almost crying saying that he got a call from Lisa and she told him she wouldn't be there until 9pm. Uh, what? I call him and he tells me that Lisa had called him to tell him this and he's freaking out, thinking that he won't be able to see me or his grandma or anyone and is pretty upset.

Well thankfully, Jack was called in earlier and is supposed to be off at 7pm. I tell him it's okay, that Jack will get him from the group home and not to worry. He keeps asking me "Are you sure, Mom? He'll be here?"

I'm standing there wanting to strangle that woman for causing my baby such stress.But I compose myself and tell him yes, Jack will be there. Don't worry and I will see you soon. He seems to calm down and we say love you as we hang up. I leave a message for Jack on his voice mail as well as a text summarizing the situation.

I then call Alex to see if Lisa is there at the house. She says no, what's wrong Mom? I tell her what happened and she about loses it. I tell her it's okay and we have it taken care of. I tell her to not say anything to Lisa as it's not worth it and I will deal with it at a later time.

She says okay and I hang up with her. I then call Lisa and of course it goes to voice mail. Swallowing my anger, I leave a message simply stating that Jack is off earlier than anticipated and that he will be picking up Keith, so she doesn't have to.

Oh the words that were stuck in my throat. I absolutely loathe that woman. I do. I have tried so hard to make the effort, but she seems hellbent on making sure the kids despise their father. It's horrible, really. I have done everything in my power to NEVER say anything bad against the two of them in their earshot.

But in almost 2 years time, she has effectively destroyed the relationships the kids had with him. Keith tells me he is happy his dad is gone, which makes me sad. And Alex, well, she has finally reached a point that she cannot take the nonsense anymore. It hurts to know that. I'm not saying it's entirely Lisa's fault, but Daryl didn't stand up and protest very hard either.

But....I am NOT going to let that ruin my happy family time. Nope, I won't. When I see my kids smiling faces, all that pain and disgustedness will go away. It will be replaced by love, happiness and hugs. And that's what is really important.

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