Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I went back to Target for the third time and yay, I now have a camera that works. I said to heck with Kodak. I picked up a Polaroid one instead and that baby, while more simplistic in design, works amazing.

So now I am happy. Turns out when we spoke to the guy in Electronics, he let us in on a secret that he believes the reason why the cameras were on sale is because "someone" knew it was a bad batch. But that's between us and my little blog, right?

I am so excited about tomorrow and so are the kids. I haven't seen my Mom or Molly in such a long time. Oh boy, Jack needs to wrap those presents ASAP! I'll remind him.

Ooh, I cannot wait!!!!

We also went out last night with my friend Amanda to go visit her new "friend". They are just beginning to date and she is concerned since the last person she was dating didn't treat her right and we told her so later than we should. We were trying to be polite and not bust in to other people's business.

This person was crass and rude, but thought that he was the funniest guy in the world. We discovered she values our opinion and said that she was glad we pointed out what we saw, rather than just keeping it in. So last night she asked the both of us to observe and give our true thoughts.

This new one Jason, is very nice, a good guy. Not too cerebral, but someone that will be strong and gentle at the same time. And that is just what she needs right now. I was flattered that she asked us what we thought, because I've never dealt with that before. I mean yes, I have expressed my opinions, but not really.

You get afraid to hurt someone feelings because they are your friend. But she gave us carte blanche and we won't hold back anymore. I know that's a weird segue but I really wanted to write about that since I felt that it was something to be proud of. I helped someone to not make a mistake.

That's all for now. I have to stop writing and get ready for work. Jack is already at work so I am taking the bus. Yay, more exercise for me!

Bye, bye.


Rita said...


Where's your list??

Ruthie said...

Hey, don't rush it.

Took you a few days, didn't it?



Mama said...

Please don't anybody hold. their breath for my list.