Friday, January 2, 2009

100 facts about me

Okay, this is for my sister. In no particular order:

1. My favorite salad is the Cobb salad at Plaza Inn in Disneyland.
2. I love the color purple.
3. I have been knitting for almost 2 years.
4. My favorite book is Alice In Wonderland.
5. My goal is to one day own a horror themed BNB.
6. I am writing 4 stories at once that I want to have published one day.
7. I am afraid of crickets and junebugs.
8. Jello tastes gross to me.
9. I have a spider tattooed on my ankle.
10. Halloween is my favorite holiday.
11. I am afraid of the dark.
12. I believe I can sing well.
13. Has made 5 scarves, 4 baby hats, 2 pairs of slippers and 6 pairs of booties since I started knitting.
14. My first things I ever knitted were 8 six foot long camo colored pieces to look like netting for our haunted maze.
15. I have been to Knott's Scary Farm almost every year since 1990. This last year was my Sweet 16!
16. I shop online all year long for Halloween stuff.
17. Is a Disneyland Annual Passholder.
18. My favorite food is Fettucine Alfredo.
19. My favorite soda is Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi.
20. Contrary to popular belief, I love to cook and bake.
21. Have been working in the hotel business for 5 years.
22. Rick Baker is my idol and I used to want to be a monster maker.
23. Sometimes cries for no reason at all.
24. Have been with Justin (Jack) for 7 years.
25. Would be a pirate if she could. (Anne Bonny style)
26. Was proposed to at Disneyland.
27. Has 2 extraordinary kids, Keith and Alex.
28. Cries at Disney movies and Disneyland firework shows.
29. Is an amateur photographer.
30. Loves to read.
31. Learned to read at 2 1/2 years old.
32. Dyed my hair blonde in high school.
33. Have three holes in each ear.
34. Is of the Wiccan faith.
35. Still says Merry Christmas.
36. Loves to swim.
37. Has a bad habit of biting my nails.
38. Has a pentacle necklace that she hasn't taken off for 6 years.
39. Wears contacts.
40. Met Jack at Disneyland when we both worked there.
41. Left Disneyland 2 months later.
42. The answer to everything.
43. Is bi-polar and has not been on meds for years.
44. Has a fangirl crush on Freddy Krueger.
45. My favorite movie is Nightmare on Elm Street.
46. My favorite TV show is Ab Fab.
47. Has dressed up like a man for fun.
48. Jenefur is my first dog I have owned.
49. Is an 80's Valley girl.
50. 95% of my closet is black clothing.
51. Was married to my first husband for 12 years.
52. Loves to go to the beach at night.
53. I get cold easily.
54. Dresses up for Halloween.
55. Has a secret weakness for chili cheese fries.
56. Is the producer/set designer/everything girl for The Darkest Hours.
57. Has 1 sister and 1 brother, both younger.
58. Doesn't like reality shows.
59. I do really enjoy Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares though.
60. BBC America is one of my favorite channels.
61. Secretly desires to have and learn to play bass guitar.
62. Lives the Gothic lifestyle.
63. Hates Hot Topic.
64. Bites my nails when I'm nervous or stressed.
65. Has a weird affinity for naming inanimate objects.
66. Has owned 4 cats, 3 of which were black.
67. Cried when my first cat Lucky, was put down because of feline leukemia.
68. Often paints my toenails weird colors.
70. My favorite opera singer is Luciano Pavarotti.
71. Breaks out into song in public.
72. Almost shaved my head when my friend Nadine lost her hair from chemo.
73. I still have not knitted anything for myself.
74. Didn't have my first intimate experience until I was 16.
75. Lived in hotel rooms for a year.
76. Is the oldest in my family.
77. Doesn't have a father.
78. Used to cut myself when I was depressed.
79. Is fond of Christmas.
80. Writes in 3 different journals depending on my mood.
81. Has eaten mustard and mayonnaise sandwiches.
82. Puts A-1 sauce on corn.
83. Used to be bisexual.
84. Danced in a gay club.
85. Lived with gay men for a time.
86. Spent the night in a friend's car when she couldn't find the keys to drive home.
87. Almost got hit by a motorcycle while crossing the street at night.
88. Have been in 2 car accidents.
89. Had my appendix taken out.
90. Have my tubes tied.
91. Doesn't like elevators.
92. Gets migraines.
93. Dreams of living in another state than CA.
94. Can touch my tongue to my nose.
95. Celebrates New Year on Samhain.
96. My hair goes down past my waist.
97. Believes in ghosts.
98. Is sometimes called Claudia.
99. Is afraid of being forgotten.
100. Believes in magic.

Hopefully this gives a little insight to me!


Mr.Macabre said...

I love reading things like this about people! Thank you for sharing!

Rita said...

I really enjoyed your list. I hope you had fun creating it.