Saturday, October 11, 2008

:sigh: I made it.

Well, it was pretty simple. The work, I mean. Geez, I was done by 3:30am. That's a way different change from my other hotel.But I was able to stay awake without the help of an energy drink. Yay! Of course I'll probably need it today when I come back to do my afternoon shift. Joy of joys.

A plus is that I am almost finished with Alex's scarf. I was only gonna use 3 skeins, but since I bought 4, I'm using 4. I'll tell you a secret. The reason is that I never want to see this flippin' yarn ever again. Oh, it looks awesome but knitting with it is pure hell.That girl's lucky I love her. No one else had better ask me for a poofy anything. NOBODY.

I have about 40 more minutes, then I'm going home and crashing out until about 12:30pm. Then I get up to catch my bus to get here by 3pm. Whoohoo.Hey, it's cash. Anyone else would have done the same thing. Don't lie.


P.S. I bought my Haunt tickets for the 16th. Yes! I can't wait to go through the mazes as a guest and then post my review. Ugh, time to go...and wait for that clock to tick by.


Rita said...

Hope you have fun at haunt, I know it's your favorite time of year!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm up to your challenge. I want a poofy scarf with the added bonus of sparklies and ..... I outrank all the nobodys. By the way, it looked great on you smurfette and I'm sure Alex wil love it.

Ruthie said...

Hmmm...anonymous, huh? Well, I will get down to Michael's and find the most outrageous material I can get.

That way, when Christmas comes, I'll be set on at least one present.


Mama said...

Yeah! Love my Ruthie. Sparklies and a present, Woohoo! Sorry about Nony Mus, forgot to sign off before I sent.

Ruthie said...

Ooh, that sounds like a rock star. "We love Nony Mus! Whoo!"