Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Always an adventure...

So as most of my family and friends know, I have been suffering from pelvic pain for a while. I was unable to go into the doctor until recently as I didn't have insurance. But to be honest, I was also freakin' scared to know what was going on.

I finally started to see a doctor at Kaiser at the beginning of April. I got the customary tests, and was told that I possibly had vaginosis, a bacterial infection. I was given meds for that as well as for my overactive bladder issue. Neither one of the meds worked.

I then went back in and the same doctor then said that it was possible I had PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease) even though I had none of the things that usually predict it, such as gonorrhea or chlamydia. So she gave me meds for that.

It promptly made me sick and caused me to call into work. I went back and was given "another set" of meds. Which also made me sick and caused me to call off work again.

Unfortunately, even though I did get dr notes, my work policy is you need to call 2 hours before your shift. I woke up an hour before and became ill. So I got written up for that. I do have a meeting with my GM next week to present my case to her. But more on that in a minute.

I was sick for three days as my body cleansed itself of the meds. I went back to the doc today. On a lucky twist of fate, my regular doc was not available and I went to see someone else. Lo and behold, this doc had a totally different opinion.

She examined me and said that from her reading my chart as well, I had NO infection. She was also concerned that I had received a DEPO shot to control my cycle as it was causing my body more stress. That the meds aggravated my pain.

Her recommendation was to have a gyn and ultrasound appt as soon as possible as she believes I may have something wrong with my uterus and based on findings, may require surgery, i.e. a hysterectomy.

Which made me laugh in my sleeve as I've been joking about that for years as I no longer need my organs of that nature since I'm no longer a breeder.

She also forbid me to take any more antibiotics as it would just make me sick for no reason.

So I have 2 two appts for the first week of May.

With that knowledge in hand, I am going to take ALL of my paperwork to my GM and explain to her what has been going on. That I am also going to file a claim against my doc for negligence, as she was treating me improperly.

Then I find out that both my grandmother and aunt may have had the exact same thing. So I will have to inform my doc of that as well.

Fun times, yeah?

At least my dear husband can breathe again knowing I'm not going to die tomorrow. He's been so worried about me, poor thing. I hate putting him through this. I love him so much for being there to help me.

I will keep this updated as soon as I know more.

Love to all...

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