Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Not that I'm really complaining as the end result is sure to be made of awesome...

But last night at work was weird. Half of our front desk is blocked off by a wall of plastic sheeting.

It gives one the feeling of claustrophobia, having to emerge from behind a corner flap.

We are going through a MAJOR renovation to the hotel to be finished in April. Again, I am excited as the rooms are looking pretty spiffy.

Our three top floors have been set to 6 themes and I must say they do brighten up the place. We're across from Disneyland and it was only natural that we have Disney themes in those rooms. We have Pirates, Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Princesses, Cars, and of course Classic Mickey.

Everything has been replaced...beds, carpets, plumbing, fresh paint, the works. It smells sooooo clean in there!

Our front desk isn't having a total overhaul, but the counters will now be a granite finish and there is supposed to be a fancy wall mural to accentuate it.

I will post pics as soon as everything is done.

I just have to suffer a few more days.

Until next time...

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