Sunday, June 28, 2009

RIP, Michael Jackson

Now I have not written in my journal for a while and I'm sorry.

But today I am posting something that I feel I really need to say..

After going onto some of the forums that I post on, I saw so many that are negative. So, this is what I had to say to everyone:

-Ah, I get to be the unpopular one yet again. I am going to use the statement I said on my Facebook after I had posted a picture with "RIP Michael, you will be missed" and then receiving a few snide remarks.

"You are entitled to your opinion, but I know in my case I am sad he is gone. He was an amazing entertainer, regardless of his personal life.

And I am sure I am not alone in thinking that."

I didn't find jokes about him funny when he was alive either. Maybe that makes me the odd duck out, but I was never ashamed to say I was a fan. Ever.

Too many folks forget or choose not to acknowledge just how many musicians and others in the industry owe their careers to his innovations and imagination.

I am not saying he didn't have some eccentricities. But what celebrity doesn't or didn't?

Who out there watched that Thriller video and thought so many different things and grew up to do them? Such as Rick Baker's makeup or John Landis' directing? Or being a band and knowing that they could push that envelope a bit more instead of the same things that were popular at the time?

I'm not saying he's a god, but take out your cd collection today. Look at it and think, "If Michael hadn't done all the things he did in his life, would this even exist?" I'd bet it wouldn't.

That's my soapbox and I'll thank you to put it back when you're done.-

And that is all for now.


Molly said...

Well said.

Mama said...

I remember when you first saw 'Thriller' on MTV. Over, and over, and over again