Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's been one hell of a week again

Okay, grab the popcorn.

So I really feel that my job is out to kill me. I know that it would be a lot more responsibility and I have accepted that. But it just gets a new star added.

Found out that the part time Auditor was up to more stupid nonsense. Now I knew they had been looking for a reason to fire him, so he's gone. Well, I get a phone call that morning asking me if I could work Audit if needed this week.

Geez, what am I going to say, no? Since there are now only the full time Auditor and myself that have any knowledge. Yeah..

So this week I am working my usual 6 days with a twist. I am off today, which I will explain why in a moment. But on Thurs and Fri I am working the glorious Audit shift from 12am-6am. Oh joy.

Look, it's not that I mind it, okay I do a little. But what else can I do until I train someone? Which drives me nuts since I had been saying that another person should be trained a long time ago.

Hopefully, I can fix the schedule to make this all work and me not have to work Audit. But there's another glitch, kids. All of my selfish staff have "issues" for weekend work. I know I have complained about this before, but damn it. It's flippin' nightmarish, really.

Guess what? Either I work Audit and one of you bites the bullet to work my night shift on the weekend or you train to work Audit 2 nights. I will NOT work Saturday mid shift after getting off work at 6am to come back at 2pm that same day. You're all crackers if you think that's going to happen.

As it is, I am now expected to pick up the slack if someone calls in. "You're on salary now." I get it, but that does not mean that these jokers can constantly take advantage. If that's the case, clean house and start over. Hey, it's summer. I'm sure people will be lining up.

And if I am involved in the hiring process, I will tell you exactly who will cut it and who won't. Do I sound cynical enough yet? Good. I love my job, but it is annoying when others don't share that vision. Gah.

Okay, for the second half of my rant.

The reason I am off today is my daughter is graduating high school. Yes, I am proud and excited. But there are a few things that have really bothered me, especially in this last few days. There have been some issues with her attitude that I have not addressed simply for the fact I just want the graduation to happen first. Then it's a bucket of reality dumped onto her head.

There is quite a laundry list, but I will address the one that is burning in me at this present time. I got a phone call yesterday while I was at work. Which of course when it always happens. My daughter says that she will spending the day with her dad today. Okay, that's good. He hasn't seen her for a while and they should hang out and talk.

Then I get it dropped on me. "Dad is taking me to graduation." I'm sorry, what? I didn't let her have it, but I was mad, no I was pissed. Just like that? After Jack has been getting up at 6am for you to take you to school and various things. And then pick you up when your random friends parents couldn't take you home?

Part of that was because of his work schedule, but sheesh. It's not really that far, but our car cannot take it. Is it too much to ask for just once, maybe? No, every time. I understand it's not their responsibility, but it sure was funny that she would get home when she wanted to.

But that graduation comment really hurt. He abandoned his kids. Yeah, I said it. And what am I, a roof over your head? That's all? I don't check on you and see how everything is ? I don't pay attention to you or give you enough love? But he blows back into town for 4 days and oh, whatever, bye Mom.

I am really upset about this. More than I thought I was. So, after he goes back to his little shack up North, I am going to have a long discussion with my dear daughter. Because the me me me is over. She is going to understand EVERYTHING is going to be different. She is an adult now. Time to get off your duff and get a job.

I don't have the luxury, even though I am a Supervisor now and make a little more money to let her just go to college and not contribute to the house. So I'm sure it will be a war and I don't care. If she feels she cannot handle it, I'm sure her Dad will let her move back in. Until she pisses him off, which I would give a week before that happened.

Don't misunderstand, though. I don't want her to leave, not at all. And I would not say that to her. But it's a hard life and we all have to survive. Jack and I are a team. She needs to be a part of that.

Arrgh, this is way too long. I am going to stop now. I will post her pics later this week.

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