Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Today is a day of remembrance in our house

Now while most jokesters are acting all crazy and playing pranks on each other, we have lit candles and been very solemn today.

It's more Jack than myself, but I support him in all that he does. Today is a special day in Jack's book. It is Rozz Williams' death day.

Now for those who don't know, Rozz is considered the father of Gothic music, deathrock to be exact. He lived a fairly obscure life, but left a mark on Gothic culture. Some say he was Gothic culture.

Unfortunately, his personal turmoil made him so unhappy that he took his own life on April 1st in 1998. His ashes are in the Hollywood Forever cemetery and we have visited every year that we have been together on or as close to that day as possible.

He is what helped to form part of what Jack is today. So I look upon today as not a day of frivolity, but of inspiration and reflection.

This is Rozz' memorial video:

(WARNING: This may not be appropriate for everyone)

If you want to learn more about Rozz and his life, go to


Rita said...


Did you make it to the cemetery this year??

Ruthie said...

We did, actually. We went yesterday and made a whole day out of it.

Not only did we visit Rozz, we went to the Museum of Death, and Necromance.

The Museum of Death was disturbing but intriguing and Necromance is a odd little curio shop that sells stuff like bat wings and old medical tools from Victorian times.

I'll post pictures soon.