Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My 100th post is something special!

So, aside from this being my 100th post, I have some fantastic news to share. A while back, I had written to the wonderful PR lady at Knott's. We had such a great time filming the Darkest Hours special there and were anxious to repeat that again.

I wrote to her with that and a plan about our upcoming nuptials. Sort of a celebration of Haunt and our wedding all rolled into one.

She wrote back and said that it sounded great! We just have to change our date from Sat. to a weekday since they will have other media there to promote it. Uh, duh, of course we have no problem with that! She also asked if we want it at one of the mazes or at the Chapel. LOL

Hmm, what do you think? We want to be immersed in Haunt. That's the reason we want to do it. Then afterwards we will film the rest of our show sort of as Honeymoon At Haunt. I am trying to rework our guest list as I am sure I will not be able to invite the 100 people due to security reasons.

Which is fine, since we are planning on using the upstairs meeting room in my hotel for a reception that weekend. My manager has already given me the go ahead on that one. I figure a semi-potluck is in order and it will be a grand Halloween party. I can probably get reasonably priced rooms for the family if they need them.

More on this as I get more info.

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Mama said...

Sounds like fun. Woohoo!