Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's a little scary...just a bit.

Well, Keith's appt. is tomorrow at 10am. I am a tad worried but intrigued as this will be the first that I will get to see Keith's owie without the bandage on it.

Oh yeah, 'cause I'm a sicko like that, I WILL take a few pictures this time.

Hopefully, they will just let it heal on its own. I may have to have Keith see his uncle-in-law, (is that a word?) since he also specializes in that field.

I really don't want Keith to have surgery if he doesn't need it.

I worry lots about my boy, it's not easy knowing he's hurting and I cannot just zip over to help.

But we shall see how this appt. goes. I will update soon, promise.

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