Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I am frustrated and tired

So we go and pick up Keith for his appointment. The doctor is very nice and she talks to Keith calmly. Which of course helps him a lot to relax.

But then she tells the nurse to remove the dressing. Whoa, he got real pale. I told him if it freaked him out not to look, but he did. Oops. As soon as the final piece was removed, it began to bleed. Oh, that wasn't a good thing for Keith. He got a bit scared and I said no, it's okay that's why we are here. The doctor will take care of it.

I, as promised, took pictures. I have posted them at the end of this entry. The doctor said let's start by placing his finger into a tub of peroxide first. Holy Hannah!

That stuff looked like a root beer float by the time he was done. I had never seen peroxide do that. The nurse tapped it dry and the doctor examined his finger saying well, she wants to put Keith on a regimen of peroxide for 3-5 minutes each day with then a application of neosporin and a change of dressing for about 2 weeks.

Then we are to come back and see what to do then. It may heal enough to not need anything else, which would be beneficial to all.

So that's great, right? I thought so, until I got a phone call from another one of Keith's caretakers after I got home. I had explained everything to one of them already. This one was asking about the peroxide and wanted to know if we were going to buy it and bring it over.

That kind of made me upset. Isn't part of the reason my son is in this home is so if something like this happens, they have the first aid available? Also, they are getting paid to make sure he is safe and healthy. If they cannot have a simple bottle of peroxide in the home, perhaps I should find another place for him.

I know it's only about 2 dollars, but right now this week, it's 2 dollars I don't have. I am really worried now that unless I figure out how to buy a bottle, they will not do what they are supposed to. And I cannot go out to Bellflower
every day to make sure it is done properly.

It's probably because I have gotten up too early for me 2 days in a row so I am exhausted, but I am very upset about this. Hopefully, Jack and I can work something out. I hope.

Sorry this one is such a downer, but I don't feel like my cheerful spooky self today.

Edit: I am doing better now, I am at home and thankfully I spoke to my sister and all is well.I do want to warn you this slideshow may be disturbing. It is a bit gruesome if you're not ready for it.

In my morbid weird way, it looks pretty cool, just not the fact it's my baby. That is the part I am having issues with. I see that kind of stuff in a horror movie, I totally love it. But on my son, not so much. Now that I have said that, never let it be said I would stand in the way of artistic expression.

So here you go.


Rita said...

Poor Keith!!

When I talked to you yesterday, I was hoping I could go with you, but I had to work.

Did they give him enough stuff for dressing changes?

When you go back for his follow up they want you to continue the proxide thing, have the Doc write a prescription for several bottles.

Rita said...

Thanks for the pics!!

Mama said...

Your brother-in-law was right on. It looks as though his finger is already set to heal on its own, with a little care. Ruthie, remember to call him at different times of the day to remind him to soak and change the dressing. If he can avoid an infection, he'll be fine.