Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sorry it took so long..

My Secret Santa posted his pics! He did post them a week ago, unfortunately I have been really busy and posting pictures on here can be a pain sometimes. I did change some of the language, but not any of the words. Oh, this is a very pic heavy post. Sorry. Enjoy the mayhem!
First and foremost, I'd like to apologize for my delay in posting these secret santa pics. I got caught up in holiday travel and when I returned home I found that my family had been...infected.

After much grieving, I finally sent out for ...


There were many helpful diagrams and instructions on the outside of the kit

An official government document lay inside

Seems it was from someone very high up

Let's see what this kit contains films

Excellent research material...
apparently you need to remove the head or destroy the brain

In addition to the films there is a marvelous hygiene and energy pack:

Coffee, creamer, toothbrush, toothpaste, handiwipes, soap, plastic bags, shaving cream, safe-razor, and a cup (to use as a makeshift toilet)

Not to mention an energy booster and this little gem

Simply just too wonderful for words
Hygiene is all well and good but I need some serious weaponry

That's what i'm talking about!! Superior Ballistic Fire Power!

So there you have it a complete survival kit.

Oh and there is a flashlight and battries as well...but I don't see why I'd need...



Alright then....GOD MODE!

I think it's coming from in here!

Nope just the sxxxxxx!

Wait....I think it's outside the door.
The back-up generators are warming up



The lights are back on! It's just the dxxx dog.

Guess I should still kill it though...just to be safe.

Thank you so so much LittleDollClaudia...this present kicked so much axx.
I sincerely apologize for posting my pics late.

Harry Lime

Yep, that's it! I am so happy!

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Mama said...

It was a great idea, and your execution was brilliant. Way to go Ruthie.