Friday, January 9, 2009

Having no car really is a pain

So we have been dealing with having no car since last Thursday. Wow, it is amazing how much you depend on it.

Now, on the weekends I am used to taking the bus to work. But Jack picks me up, you know? During the week too. And I would ride the bus even though it's not too safe at night, but of course buses don't run that late past my house.

Thankfully, Nadine is mega awesome and she has picked me up on the nights I have worked.

Today we were supposed to get our car back or so I thought. Got the call from the auto place today that we won't have it until Monday. Apparently, the wrong part was ordered. Yay. Nadine to the rescue one more time! I owe her a cake or something.

So now I have one more day to beg someone to pick me up. And as luck would have it, Nadine will be out of town this weekend.

I only have to worry about Sat. as I am off Sun. So that's one plus.

Huh. We have nickeled and dimed this the best we could and it has cost us $220 to get it fixed. Yeah, it may not seem like much but when we're both only working 4 days, it hurts us. A lot.

But we will get through this. We always do.


Mama said...

Sorry to hear about the car Ruthie. Is everything okay now?

Ruthie said...
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Ruthie said...
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