Saturday, January 17, 2009

I'm knitting and I just can't stop

Well, I did take a short break after finishing my Mom's scarf. See how pretty?

But I have another order that I really need to get done. Now, our weather has been very kooky. 81 degrees in the day, 42 degrees at night. Very strange.

So I am not too worried that this one is taking me a bit longer to finish. It's for my manager. She had seen the slippers I made and said if I had any if that gray left to make her a scarf. Oh, but she wants it with black stripes. I am working on it now, and once I looked at it, I started laughing.
My manager came out and asked what was so funny? Here, take a look for yourself:
For anyone who may read my journal and not recognize those colors, those are the colors of a certain football team. And of course what makes it even funnier (to me anyways) is she is a fan of that particular team. But she swears that wasn't her reasoning. It just looked pretty, she said.

Anyhow, the team is:

See what I mean? I joked that I was going to get some patches and sew them on to her Raiders scarf! She got such a funny face. But no, what I am hoping to do is find an A monogram and put one on each end.
That will be unique to her, which is what I try to do with each scarf I make.
So I am excited to get that done. Hey, it's $10 that I didn't have before. And I am going to see if I can get that apron made for my sister. I am off Tues, Wed and Fri this week so anything is possible.
Goodnight for now..


Rita said...

The scarf looks great.

Mama said...


Ruthie said...

Yay, I'm so glad!

I was a little worried at first. Hopefully, it was what you wanted.

If anyone asks you about it, the price for a simple scarf is $10. Any color they want.

Fancy scarves, (stripes and frillies) are $15.

And of course I would make sure to get it out there in a timely fashion. Hey, maybe that will be the kick in the arse for me to see you more. Not that I really need it, but you know..LOL!

Love you!