Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I won, I won!

Okay, so remember a few weeks ago I wrote about that scavenger hunt at Disneyland? Well, apparently since we were the only group to get all the answers right, we won the Grand Prize. I found out today when I came into work.

Even the one answer I thought was wrong, I got it right. Wow. So guess what my prize is. Yep, an annual pass! But this one is the Premium one. I had toyed with the idea of taking Alex so she could have it, but I won it. So I am really thinking about it. Mine and Jack's do expire in April, so we would only have to get one for Jack then if I keep it.

I was so happy I about cried. Thank you Mom and Jack! Mom for instilling the love of Disney in the first place and Jack for keeping the magic alive. Turns out no one else even came close to our score. So I am pretty proud of myself right now.

Yeah, it's a good day even though we have no car since it's in the shop until tomorrow or Friday.

But once the brakes are fixed, we can work everything else out.


Rita said...


As for what to do with it, it's all on you.


Anonymous said...

You're welcome my darling. It was my pleasure to share. I grew up loving Walt as though he were my Dad's secret brother (they looked so much alike).

Mama said...

Sorry about the anonymous thing. I was in a hurry at work and had to get out in a hurry. Love, Mom.