Friday, January 9, 2009

The further adventures of the Annual Pass epic saga

So today was insane.

I woke up at 9:30am and called Gabby. Since we have no car, I had asked her if she could take me to the front desk meeting today since she is the full time Auditor but she is off. We are friends too, so that helps. She said no problem. Anyhow, I call today and she doesn't pick up. I don't freak out, but leave her a message.

I start to get ready and then realize it's now 10am. I call her again and she answers very sleepily. Oh boy, turns out I woke her up. She says she's getting up and she'll be to my place soon. Well, it gets to be 10:45am and she's not there. I call her and she says she's at Katella and Beach. I call work and Andrea says don't worry, we'll wait until you two arrive.

Gabby shows up and we haul ourselves to the meeting which turns out to be pretty basic. We are going through some tough months and for Jan-Mar. we will be conserving as much as possible. That means turning off lights we don't need, recycling paper, that kind of thing.

Okay, cool. I had asked Gabby on the way to work if we could go and redeem my pass at Disneyland since the meeting was from 11-12:30, there should still be plenty of time for us to have lunch and hang out until I start work at 3pm. Well...that is so not what happened. Per usual.

Gabby asks the girls at work if they would like to join us for lunch, figuring we would meet them at like Taco Bell or something. They all say sure, turns out it's Andrea's birthday and she wants to go to TGIFriday's. It won't take that long, right?? Yeah. We sit down at about 12:45pm and don't get done until about 2:30pm.

Since it was a non work related lunch, everyone wanted to sit there and get to know each other better. Which was cool, but..I was stressing over this whole "redeem as soon as possible deadline" nonsense. I tell Andrea about going to redeem the pass and she says to go since she doesn't want me to lose out since I am the only reason we won anyway.

Gabby and I zoom over to Disneyland and I get in line at the ticket booths. She parks in the 15 minute parking area to wait for me. I wait for 15 minutes at the ticket booths, so now it's already 3pm. I call Andrea and she says it's fine, just take care of it and get here as soon as you can. All right.

I get to the window and the CM says," Oh this is already activated, you need to go to the Annual Pass center to get your official one." Really now. Grrr.. I say that I already have an annual pass, so what do I do? He says that I have to use the one I was given. Okay.

I call Gabby and tell her. She says it's all right. I go into the park using the pass. I go to the center which I am told has about a 20 minute wait. Wonderful. But I am not moving from this spot. The CM outside says we can go to Plaza Pavilion, but I hear a guest in line say he went down there and there were some issues, so he was sent back. Now normally I would have just gone there, but I am on a serious time crunch.

I wait, lalala, damn it I left my MP3 player in the car. Gah. All right, I'll just enjoy the Disney of it all. The small section I'm in. Finally, I get up to the counter. I hand the CM my ID and the pass. He says to me," Do you already have an annual pass?" I say yes I do. He looks at me over his glasses and shakes his head. "Did you use the new pass?" I said yes, I was instructed to do so. He says that's not right as since I am already I an AP, I could use that new pass to renew my AP. So I should have come in with my active pass. WTH?!?!

Oh, great. I start to get upset thinking that I have wasted all this time for nothing, so now I will be late, get into trouble and lose out on this prize I won. But he says it's okay and that they will put notes into the system, so when I come back in the first week of March for renewal to go to this center and they will approve it.

Yay! So that's awesome, but in all that I came to work an hour late and I still had to change into my uniform. Andrea wasn't mad, thankfully and I won't be getting written up since she told me to go and take care of it. :sigh of relief there:

Oh, and I have two check-ins tonight.

Whoo-hoo. But it gave me a funny story to tell, so there you go.

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