Saturday, December 20, 2008

Shopping on a budget is tough, but I did it!

So I went to Target today. It wasn't as busy as I thought it was going to be. It was just like any other Sat. I think because I knew exactly what I was getting and where it was, it wasn't a hassle.

I got a little scared when the camera I wanted still had a $89 price on it. I asked the guy and he said that oh yeah, it's on sale for $60, we just don't have a tag on it. Whew! Okay, but what is the point of that? Really?

I did find out that that camera's original price is $140, but I used my gift card at its sale price of $60 so I only paid $20 for it. Go me! I also got her a memory card and I bought Keith the Dark Knight 2 disc. Plus since she was going to open 3 things, (camera, batteries and memory card) I got Keith 3 things as well. (Dark Knight, a 5 pack of cars and a special 2008 Matchbox car)

YES! I wound up spending about $60 total, which was my goal that didn't sacrifice our eating this week. Tonight I am going to Walgreens to spend about $5 or so on a little bit of candies to put into their stockings. Great thing about them is that right close to Christmas, they have incredible sales where candy is four for $1.

The kiddos know that Santa only puts candy in there now, not toys. They like that. Yes, it is still Santa that fills that up, not me. I always deny it. :giggles:

I am just a little sad that I was not able to get anything for Jack right now, but he understands. Maybe I can get some candies to put in his stocking when he's not looking so he at least has that.

He already told me that our being together is all the presents he needs. I am so lucky to have him in my life, I really am.

I cannot wait to take pictures of my happy monkeys with my new camera. Whoohoo!

(By the way Mom, I am so amazed that my tree still is in great working condition. It has been what, 4 years now since you gave it to me? It had one little problem, but we replaced the bulb and it was good as new! Thank you so much for it. I don't know what I'd do without that perfect tree for our home.)


Rita said...

I'm so glad you were able to get everything you wanted for the kids and for only $60.00, that's wonderful.

Mama said...

Yeah Ruthie, what a load off your mind. I know the feel of relief. Glad the tree is still working.