Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Christmas List

I finally figured out what I would like for Christmas this year. Now that I have the most awesome camera in the world, I really think it's time to upgrade and get a tripod.

Nothing too fancy, of course. Just a little something I can put into my purse and get those great nature shots or portraits without that nasty shaky blurriness that tends to happen no matter how still you stand.

I found a couple I liked at Target. See?

The first one is for a tabletop deal, not too tall, but it would do the trick. The second one is kind of funny, but it would work! It can also stand on its own as well as wrap around stuff. I just don't know which is better. But I definitely want something that is easily packed to take along with me.

I don't want something that I have to use a whole other bag for. I am going to write my letter to Santa tonight and hopefully he can bring me one of those or something close to it.

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Mama said...

Christmas has been taken care of for me. But, your birthday is coming soon.