Friday, December 19, 2008

Holy Hannah, this is so cool!

The funniest thing happened today. Jack and I were on our way to my company Christmas party and we were discussing cameras and how it doesn't matter if you have the best camera in the world. If you take rotten pictures, no fancy camera will fix that. You'll just have fancy rotten pictures. But that I hope I can find a nice camera for Alex for her present that's not too expensive.

Anyhow, we come to work and at first I had been told that it was for employees only so Jack left to come pick me up later. But I found out it was okay for him to be there, so he came back and we all had some yummies.

Tina, our general manager (the big boss) had given us all a bag with candy and a $40 Target card. I thought that was very nice of them and was already planning on what to do with it. Then it was announced that the gifts under the tree were to be given out. They had placed a ticket on our paychecks (today was payday too) and one on each present.

So people were getting stuff like tool kits and certificates to Red Lobster. I took pictures of everyone getting their gifts as they were told to open them at the front of the room so all could see what they got. My number gets called and I go up. Imagine my surprise when I get a digital camera!

I laughed so hard, and so did most of the people I work with. They all know I am an amateur photographer. They also know about the camera I use. It is really Jack's and we call it "The Brick" since it is so large even though it's only a few years old.

Don't get me wrong, "The Brick" takes most excellent pictures. I have plenty of them on Myspace to prove it. But I have been wanting a camera of my own so Jack can have his back. And I got it!

I took this picture with my cell phone to show the difference.

"The Brick" and "Holly"

I named this camera "Holly" because I got it at the Holiday Inn Express Christmas party. I can't wait to take pictures with it. I took a few sample shots and wow, it is amazing!

Well, I do feel a little sad as "The Brick" has been with me for a lot of things. But hey, now we have 2 cameras. I was telling Jack that it works out great because now we really don't have to hire a photographer for our wedding since most of our family and friends own cameras too. Yay!

But I am so happy about this I just may burst! LOL

Oh by the way, this is MY camera. I had decided before receiving my gift that I would use the Target card towards a camera for Alex. HEHE

So a happy holiday to all!

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Mama said...

I'm gl;ad you had the sense to not regift your gift. Ilove you.