Friday, December 19, 2008

It will be a Merry Christmas after all

So tonight I called Alex and explained that I wouldn't be able to get her the Annual Pass. I let her know that was going to be about $260 and that there was no way I could do that right now. And my daughter, bless her, said, "Oh Mom, it costs that much? I'm sorry. I thought that it cost like $100 or something like that. I wouldn't have asked you if I knew it was that much."

So yay, she isn't a stingy brat! She does understand and wasn't trying to be a punk. I told her that I had something else in mind that I thought she would really like. She got all excited but said all she really wanted was to spend Christmas with me and Jack.

That made me happy again.

What I want to get her is a digital camera of her own. Nothing too fancy, of course but she has been using her stepmom's and her stepmom is giving her issues about it. I felt it would be a great gift for her as it is creative and fun to take pics. It is for me anyway!

So now I have my kids all set. I knew there would be a path out of this.

I now return you to our scheduled program already in progress.


Rita said...

I think the camera is a perfect idea, and she'll love it.

Mama said...

How glad I am to know that everything is fine. I can remember when an annual pass was only $99.00 so I can understand her mistake. Glad to know that my granddaughter hasn't gone to the dark side after all. May the force by with you. Shop on. Kisses & hugs. Love, Mama