Monday, November 3, 2008

Happiness is...

the fact that I can go to my local grocery store and get the Halloween display given to me for free!

That's right, I had been asking all month and finally I found the manager that was on last night that said, "yeah, we were probably just going to throw it out anyway." I was so jazzed! I had been eyeing this thing for ALL October. Check this out!

There was a few things up that the manager told us she had been instructed to take down last night, but wasn't sure just what was going to happen to those items. We told her we would come back after work and if there was anything that we could have, we would give it a good home. She said that would be fine as she is on until 1am.

I have my fingers crossed since there an awesome wooden coffin that has the Captain Morgan logo on it. It is 5 foot tall! Yes, I can stand inside it. The chances of us taking it home are kinda slim, as it is pretty fancy and I don't see why the vendor wouldn't take it back, but hey I'm thinking positive.

It also helps that almost the entire closing shifters know us and can vouch that we are in there all the time. So keep your fingers crossed too!!! I may have a whole bunches more stuffs to decorate my home with.

If not, I still have this freaking incredible spooky house that came with that figure. We named him Master Korbel as that is the company that made this display.


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Rita said...

Very cool!!! I never would have thought of doing that.