Saturday, November 1, 2008

Ah, another Halloween has come and gone

Well, for the rest of the world anyway. I got the best of all days yesterday. Not only did we go out and do our usual errands in costume, therefore getting some candy, I was able to give out some candy to the kids that came to our door as we were getting ready to go out.

Yes, that's right. We went out. It was a little strange but fun. Jack had been asked to go to this Halloween party/club that 2 bands that we knew are playing at. One has already been on the show and the other will be on this next week.

So he was asked to introduce them to pump up the crowd and boy did he. We were at this club that allows you to smoke inside it! Yeah, I was shocked too. We took along my friend Amanda, (the one I knit the pink scarf for) and we hung out, listened to the bands, played some pool, and had a drink or two.

It's not how I would want to spend every Halloween, but it was a nice change.

But enough of that...I know you're dying to see how we looked. Jack was hosting so he was DarkestJack but I was Edina from Absolutely Fabulous and I even had a mini Patsy. Here we are:

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