Monday, October 13, 2008

I told you I was knit crazy!

Well since I haven't been baking for Halloween, I've been knitting instead. Even though I miss my cookies. :sniff:

But that's all right. I get to make other folks happy with my gifts. I finished a pair of booties yesterday for one of our business partners that do tours and have their guests stay with us. It's her first baby and she is due in Nov. It's a family business owned by her and her husband. They are so nice. They had seen me finishing up Alex's scarf and jokingly asked if I was making some baby stuff for them. I told them I could if they like.

They told me they were having a boy, so I made some very traditional booties for them. Take a look.

Now I am working on a hat in the same color. I hope that she likes them! I may make another pair in black just in case. I do have pink yarn but I swore that I would only knit in pink for Molly.
Unless I get paid. Then that's different..


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Rita said...

That was really nice of you, and they're really cute too!