Friday, May 8, 2009

It turns out I clean up rather well

So I spent some time with my sister yesterday and she took some really nice photos!

I am only going to post one of my favorites for now. I really would like to have this one framed to hang in my house.

Yesterday was full of good news as I finally got to speak to the PR lady from Knott's. It seems that everything is a go. The biggest issue will be cutting a lot of guests out, but that's what the reception will be for.

It's either only have immediate folks there and do this for free or have EVERYONE and charge a fee at the church door. My extended family and friends should understand. If not, well...too bad. I love you, but who's wedding is it anyway?

Yes, it may sound a bit selfish. But I look at it this way. Not only is this our special day, Jack and I will not be mingling afterwards. We will be filming our Haunt show, so it's also business.

So I have to really trim the guest list. Which I have already done considerably. Besides, everyone just wants to go to the reception anyhow. That's fun and has food and music! Our wedding will be on October 8th, at either 4 or 5pm. That's so the monsters can be there and we can get arranged at the maze.

Oh, speaking of that..turns out that 13 Axe is gone. :tear: But in its place will be a maze featuring old time London Streets. Yep, a Jack The Ripper maze! Well, that's right up our alley, isn't it? It will have a carriage out in front as well. I'm so excited. We were talking (Jack and I) and since it will be more along the lines of that era, no more vampirey stuffs. More on a Mary Kelly kind of look.

Still Victorian, but damn it, I get to wear PURPLE! Yay! Here is the dress I want. Imagine this is purple.

Yes, it's not exactly period, but who cares? It's Grade A awesomeness. And it does fit in with my Autumn theme. I will wear a purple dress, a black veil and have an orange bouquet. I will BE Halloween colors.

Ooh, I am so excited!


DeadmansLog said...

So very cute!!

I hope you don't mind, but I took some liberties with your picture (very minor):

Halloween is Everyday

DeadmansLog said...

Forgive me for tinkering with your photo, Ruthie-dear... but also a "black-and-white" version (actually, it's pretty sepia-toned):

Everday is Halloween

Ruthie said...

Wow!!!! Both of those look incredible. I think I will add both of those to my collection.

Thank you!

DeadmansLog said...

Any time. It is such a nice picture. :) I thought mild retouching would make it look even more professional.