Saturday, March 7, 2009

Watchmen review

Okay, okay so I am going to be a bit of a slacker on this only because I agree with most of this fantastic review a fellow LJ person wrote.

I take no responsibility for his language but I do warn you that if you haven't seen the film, this does include a LOT of spoilers.

All in all, I am glad I went to see it. But I don't foresee this being anything other than a spectacular nerd film that does awesome its first week and then sort of trickles off.

I have been wrong before, but we'll see.

I personally would have gone for the whole trilogy angle, just so you could include everything.

But in true Jack and I fashion, we give it 4 jack-o-lanterns since it is a overdue classic that needed to be celebrated in celluloid.

Anyone else see it? What are your views?


halloween spirit said...

I'm seeing it later today. I'll let you know :)

halloween spirit said...

I've seen it. I really liked it. With the exception of the ending, it stayed true to the graphic novel. I think the "new" ending may have actually been an improvement :)

DeadmansLog said...

I second the part about being glad to have seen it, but - yeah - it's not going to break any box office records or convert many non-nerds to the dark side.