Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tonight is going to be crazy!

Not only is the hotel sold out, but we are going to see the sneak preview of Watchmen at the Gardenwalk at 12:01am. Yeah, I know. But see, since we have an arrangement with the theater, we get to see it for free and in the 21 and over theater.

So that's awesome!

Oh, also we got a response about the Darkest Hours Undead experience. And the winner is: Nightmare On Elm St!

Turns out it hasn't been shown in a theater for almost 20 years. So that will be a huge buzz. Especially since it will be an actual print, not just a DVD. We are really going to push that for promotion.

We have a date scheduled of April 30th. We will be having an all ages and a 21 and over showing. Woohoo!

Now what will be happening is this: we are not getting a share of the box this time. But we will be able to have a merch booth and any proceeds from that go directly to us.

I will post more about the times soon. Keep your eyes peeled for that.

And I will post my review of Watchmen tomorrow.

UPDATE: The all ages show will be at 7pm and the 21 and over show will be at 9:30pm. Go to to learn more soon.

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Rita said...

Well, how was it??