Monday, January 26, 2009

Repo! teaser slideshow

I have put together a "small" slideshow until we get the entire show posted online. The first pic is some of the amazing guests that came in costume. Second is Alexa Vega who played Shilo. Third is the incredible Bill Moseley who played Luigi. Fourth is the director Darren Bousman. And fifth is one of the creators that also plays the awesome Graverobber, Terrance Zdunich.

Everyone was so wonderful and I am happy that we could be part of something so exciting.

But just because Repo! may not be in theatres anymore doesn't mean that the fight for it should stop. Oh no, we are doing our best to let everyone know all about it. It is still a milestone that I hope others may strive for and bring us in the near future.

Go and check it out now on their website and show your support! Better still, buy the DVD. Every little bit helps.


Rita said...

I'm glad you had such a great time, it looked like a lot of fun.

Any more pic???

Oh, one more thing, I absolutely LOVE your NEW LOOK!!!

Ruthie said...

There are more, but I promised I wouldn't post those until he put them in the show.

Thank you! It's purple and Halloween. What more could I need?

I love yours too. It's so sweet, like you.

Rita said...

Let me know when that show is on the site so I can watch it.