Saturday, December 27, 2008

Wow, I feel good even though I'm a little sick

Okay, so maybe some of this is due to my feeling icky, but I went and weighed myself today. I am happy to say that since Sept. I have lost 25 pounds and kept it off!

I lost a few more within this past week. I was stuck for awhile at one weight, which made me happy but frustrated me at the same time.

Happy: I'm not gaining more weight.
Frustrated: I'm not losing any more weight.

But I know that slowly it is coming off. I just have to stay positive and vigilant.

On that happy note, I cannot wait to see my sister and give her her present. I hope her and Paul like what we got for them.


Mr.Macabre said...

Good for you! Keeping off 25 pounds is hard, particularly this time of year, you should be proud! I am also on the journey of losing weight (joined Weight Watchers about a week before Christmas).
Blessings on your journey and good health to you.

Rita said...


I looked at all the pics, I really like Christmas with the kids.

Oh, and you weren't supposed to get us anything!!!


It takes guts to start Weight Watchers right before Christmas. Good luck!!