Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Never a dull moment here at the Holiday Inn Express

Okay, I've decided that I am going to share what happened today at work. I wasn't going to as it's a LONG entry, but I just want to show what I go through during a typical day. Not saying I call the cops all the time, but this brand of guest is what I am forced to deal with quite frequently.

So sit back, grab some popcorn and have a laugh.

From my front desk report Nov, 19, 2008:
(Mr. Lipski is the guest supposedly in this room and Christina is the manager on duty, Tina is my general manager)

Guest was due to check out today. I was informed when I came to work at 3pm that a female not registered called from the room stating that the room had been extended for 1 more night. The room had been cleared out by a cash payment, but no other arrangements had been made. When I called the room to speak to Mr. Lipski, the female acted as though she didn't know the guest. I told her we needed to have a form of payment to be able to extend this reservation as well as an ID to change the name responsible if that was the case. That either Mr. Lipski or herself needs to take care of this or they would have to vacate the room.

The guest acted very strangely and then said that she was waiting for her friend to come in to pay. I said that we would need some form of payment now for her to stay in the room, if not it was past check out time, so she would need to leave until the person arrived and then she would be more than welcome to check back in.

She got very agitated and said that the guy was supposed to pay for the room and she didn't understand what was going on. I said that he had not authorized that, and that his CC had declined. She said that she would leave in 10 minutes. I called the GGPD after giving Christina the heads up and she suggested I should call just as a backup.

Mr.Lipski called during this time and asked what was going on as he had received a phone call that we had charged his CC. I told him that since there was still someone in the room and was the person listed as the responsible party, he would be charged for whatever happened. He said he was not authorizing that. I said okay and let the guest in the room know this. She tried to tell me again that she was waiting for someone.

Then another female named Cindy called saying that the person in the room was her sister. That she was at a lawyer's office in Irvine but that she would take care of the room when she arrived. Christina spoke with her telling her that that was fine, but until then the guest would have to leave the room until she came to make the payment.

The police arrived at 4:00pm and the guest had still not left or come down to pay for the room. The officers asked her to pack up her things and leave the room. Then they left. A half hour later, I had not seen the guest come downstairs. Christina went upstairs and then called saying that the guest had taken some items from the room and that I should call 911. I did so and the police came back. The police said for me to go ahead and charge the CC on file for the missing items.

But they did not remove the female in question. Rather, she had a luggage cart packed full that she took out to the parking lot and is at this time still waiting for someone to pick her up. That was at 5:00pm.

At 5:30pm Christina left and saw the guest still seated in the parking lot with the luggage cart. After calling Tina, she said I should call the police and have her removed seeing as she was now considered trespassing. I called the GGPD and they said they would send someone out.

At 5:45pm a blonde girl that I had not seen before came in and said she was here to pick up her sister that had been in Rm.328. Could I let her go upstairs to check over the room? I said no, I'm sorry but only the guest responsible can do that. She said she had left a laptop case inside the room. I told her that Mr.Lipski would have to come in and show us his ID because he was the guest listed on the room. Paulin had gone upstairs and brought it down to me. It is on the counter. Only Mr.Lipski is allowed to pick this and any other items that may have been left in this room. He is to produce a valid ID.

I was instructed by Christina to also charge the guest's CC for 1 night room and tax since the guest did not depart until almost 2 hours after check out time. I was able to do so, but guest's CC did not authorize for the $50 in stolen items charges. I have left this account in the system under house account 9044 for check out tomorrow. Please settle the amount before checking out of system. Thank you.

So that is what I had the pleasure of sorting out during my shift. I had the cops show up three times and many of my guests were watching wondering what the heck was going on. I apologized to a few of them and tried to play it off like it was nothing. As it was, my GM asked me who checked them in and who let them stay over. I told her and she is not happy.

But I doubt anything will happen to the employees. It's frustrating, really.

At least tomorrow Jack and I are taking Alex to Disneyland for her B-day. Thanks to an awesome CM I know. Yay, I will have to take pictures!

Make sure to call her. She will be 17. Wow, time sure goes fast, doesn't it?

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