Saturday, November 15, 2008

It's been one strange week so far

Okay, our visit with Keith was good. He was very happy that he could spend time with us. I think that he just needs to know that we are there for him. It seemed to help that we aren't that far away from his school and we can pick him up for a few hours. Until I can ask for a weekend off, I am trying to give both my kiddos equal time.

But all in all, Keith seems happier. For now.

One other thing happened on that same day. We took Jenefur in for her shots. And the doctor gave her 1 oral and 3 shots. She said Jen was due for a couple more, but didn't want to overwhelm her. Well, we get them done and leave to get gas. In that 5 minute drive, I notice something wrong with Jen's face. I say to Jack "I don't think that's normal."

Of course Keith is saying it probably is, and I don't want to alarm him, so I agree, but I give Jack that look of let's go back right now.

Here is what she looked like:

This happened in 5 minutes! Yes, she had an allergic reaction to one or more of the vaccines. So we take her in and thankfully they had something to counter the hives. But now whenever she has to get vaccinated, we have to give her 1 1/2 tablets of Benedryl.

Yeah, that should make Molly laugh!

And now today. :sigh: I agreed to help Shelena move her mom out of her apartment. Now, her mom is/was living at our same apartments. But she didn't pay her rent and got evicted. After Shelena stuck her neck out for her. Sheesh. Anyhow, Shelena had said that's on her mom and blah, blah, blah. But turns out that 90% of the furniture belongs to Shelena's grandparents and she doesn't want it to get seized.

Shelena, I mean. She could care less about her mom at this point, but that's another kettle of fish. I'm not saying that to be mean. Her mom has some rather large issues and it's her own fault. We live in a small complex, okay? Didn't take long to find out she had received her notices and ignored them. Yeah, it was too late to even square it with the office.

She had an official lockout and she was eating dinner at the time the marshal came to lock her out! She knew about it, but didn't bother to pack a small bag with the knowledge of the lockout. Found out later that she was doing nothing but sleeping and not preparing. Soooo, I am doing this for Shelena, not her mom.

Hopefully, there will no more drama about this. At least, I'll only hear about it, not have to deal with it directly.

Whew! I'm tried already and haven't even started this nonsense. At least, I'll have a ride to work today. That's the one good thing about this. And I am off Sun. so I can rest.

My phone's ringing. Must mean it's time to start. I'll update again soon.

(oh yeah, did I mention she hasn't packed a d*mn thing? Fun.)

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