Saturday, November 15, 2008

I'm in Silent Hill!

One good thing about the fire is that no matter what the situation, people can get out of it since it's a natural disaster.

I helped as long as I could, and then I had to go to work. On the way, ash was falling, the smoke was churning, and cars were crashing. Yep, saw a three car pileup on my way to work. All three were women drivers and one of them had her baby on her hip yelling at one of the other ones.

Ooh, her car was smashed up. I could see why she was mad. I got a picture, but not of the damage.

Shelena's mom was acting like an idiot and at one point our manager, (whose office is right downstairs) asked her to leave the apartment and locked her out. Seems that someone couldn't keep a civil tongue in her head and Shelena kept warning her mom that the manager didn't have to let her in at all.

Thankfully, Shelena is taking her mom somewhere to sleep and that way they can get everything out without her complaining 24/7. Yuck. I am glad I was able to help a little, but thank goodness I am at work now 'cause I was about ready to strangle that woman for being rude to her daughter.
I took some great pictures of the sky and our "California snow." I will post those once I get home. I can't wait until tomorrow to see all the cars covered in ash. That will really make for great pictures, don't you think?
Oh, we finally got Lego Batman for PS2. It is sooooooo fun! We had friends over last night, scary I know, and we just hung out and played video games. After they left, Jack and I played Batman. It's nonstop laughter, especially when the characters act so goofy. I will have to post a pic of what they look like.
But I am off tomorrow, so we shall see what that day holds. Jack has to work, so more than likely I will just relax at home. Yay!

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