Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'm here, I'm here. Stop the funeral. Oh wait..

It's been a rough couple of days. But we made it through. My Sims game was acting the most awesome but then started to be slow. So Jack went and re-installed everything. But with that, my downloads disappeared.

So I have to start all over. :tear: But that's okay. That's the fun of Sims is that you can create entire mini universes.

Then I get a message from the kids' stepmom about taking the kids on Thanksgiving since Daryl won't be home until Sat. She says she cannot afford 2 dinners and that the kids should be with family that day. Ok. First off, if she knew my kids, they don't care if Thanksgiving is on the 27th or Dec.5th.

Second, I have hardly had a holiday off since I started in the hotel business so the chance of my having that day off was going to be rare. Besides, my boss is so happy that I am working the holidays that I am getting a bonus. That's hush, hush.

So I called everyone and told them that Thanksgiving will be on that Friday. Both my kids are happy about it, so if she doesn't like it, too bad.

I will make sure that we see everyone around Christmas though, don't you worry. I have to go to court again for Keith next Tuesday to finalize my conservatorship of him. I am hoping that we finally get this all taken care of. As it is, Keith is still not happy about the situation.

Jack and I are going to see him tomorrow and let him know that even though I cannot take weekends off, I am doing my best to see him as much as possible. I am hoping that once everything is settled, I can find him a home closer to me. Since he goes to school in Buena Park, it's kind of silly for him to live in Bellflower when his dad is planning on moving anyway.

He is really not doing well. I mean, most of it is Keith being Keith, but I want to make his life as stressfree as I can. Not easy, stressfree. He is under the impression that his dad chose his wife over him, and I try to stay as neutral. But I admit it's hard for me to be that way.

Because I feel that way too. But I always re-assure Keith that his dad loves him and wants the best life for Keith. I don't think he believes me. It's difficult to watch my kids suffer. Yes, kids.

I see Alex's Myspace and journal and she is not happy at home. But she will struggle on only because she doesn't want to move away from her friends in this her last year of school. I understand that, I do. But it bothers me nevertheless. I only hope that she realizes I am here for her. I have told her many times my home is her home.

Her dad has offered to help me if she does come to live with me. Of course, as long she is doing something productive, like college. It hurts sometimes, I feel like I am not doing enough.

Wow, that's way too depressing...

:takes a deep breath:

Okay, focusing on positive. Jack, kids, family, home, Halloween, love, happiness.

I'm good! It will all work out, I know.

I need to go shopping and find some sparkly yarn for my mama's scarf. One problem, what the heck is her favorite color?


Rita said...

duh, PINK!!!

Ruthie said...

Are you serious?


Okay, what shade? Light, bright, or somewhere in the middle?

I will make a :ahem: pink scarf for her.