Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Wow, I think I'm addicted to knitting

Okay, I'm going to swear for the first time on here. I'm calling this my WTF Scarf. Why, you ask?
Well, apparently I'm to be the Queen of scarves. I finished Amanda's and I got all antsy. I was going to take a small break, but I really wanted to start something new.

Jack had told me he wanted a red and black scarf, but he wanted it to be "different" from everything else I had already made. So here's what I came up with:

Yes, I am using 2 strands of yarn to make it. One is black and one is cherry red. He wanted it to be bold, he got it. I am going to try to not push myself too hard with this one as it's not a priority. But it should take me about a week to get it done.

Which is good, considering I will have to go and buy some fancy yarn to make a scarf for that special anonymous person on my XMAS list.

So I will have one gift all set to go. But don't think that means I am any more organized than other years. I have NO idea who wants what or even what the heck I am doing around that time.

One holiday at a time...that's how I work.


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