Friday, October 17, 2008

We went to Haunt. Yay!

Oh wow, we had such a phenomenal time! We took Alex and her friend and we were able to do everything we wanted to by 11pm. Going on Thursday and having the early dinner is very worth it.

Do you want to see pictures? I'm sure you do. Here you go!

And here's Alex and Yani. No, Alex doesn't really wear glasses. She just wears them for fashion. Oh, Yani is her nickname. Her name is really ALEX. Yep. LOL!

Oh, and just for randomness, they had the Ghostbusters car complete with the StayPuft marshmallow man. See?

Ooh, I feel the Halloween spirit!

1 comment:

Mama said...

You got to see the Staypuff Marshmallow Man? I am soooo jealous. That alone would have made the day good for me. I was just going to say...eight o'clock?
Glad you had fun.