Thursday, October 30, 2008

Progress, progress, progress

So not only have I knitted a whale of a lot in 2 days, (it amazes even me how fast I'm getting) but today I found out I have lost 3 more pounds!
That means I have lost 23 pounds total and kept it off since Sept. Wow, I am soooo happy right now. I definitely need to buy new work pants though.

I do want to lose more and I believe that's what is helping me. My goal weight is to lose 32 more to get back to what I was when Jack and I met. Geez, it doesn't seem like so much anymore.

Good thing I like salads and yogurt! LOL

Anyway, I wanted to show off just how Jack's scarf is coming along. Here you go:

Yeah. I have gotten that far in just 2 days. Unfortunately, I won't be working on it tomorrow since it's Halloween! But look forward to pics of us all dressed up.


Mama said...

Exactly just how long is that WTF scarf supposed to be? Congrats on the weight loss. Remember that Tim's idea of a salad was a wedge of iceberg lettuce? LOL

Rita said...

Mother!!! Language, please!

Ruthie said...

Oh, long enough to look good on my 6'2'' man.

I remember that and he would dip it into a bowl of ranch. LOL

My sister is awesome! LOL3!