Thursday, December 24, 2009

Ah, it wouldn't be Christmas without drama

So, my kids went to go visit their dad for Xmas. Now, it was a bit shady from the getgo and I will explain that in just a moment.

I get a text from my son a week ago saying that he is going with his aunts to visit their dad and Alex is going too. I say oh, okay. I want them to go see him as he will leaving to Afghanistan on Feb. 14th, so any time they can spend is good. Alex then tells me about it as well.

But, here's the thing. I never get a call from the aunts about it. Not that I need them to ask permission, but common courtesy, you know? Especially since it's for a week and during Xmas. They left on the 20th and were supposed to come back on the 26th.

Notice I said supposed to? Uh-huh. It's not gonna be that way. First off, I found out that they figured that since Alex is 18, they shouldn't have to say anything to me about anything. Okay then, I let that one slide. Even though Alex does live with me...

Then there was a row about Alex standing up for Keith as the aunts were yelling at him about something. It got misconstrued and the assumption was that they (the aunts) were not welcome. They left the kids with their dad and went to a hotel.

So, all right...apparently other things were said and it was going to be that the aunts would come back on Xmas Day to open presents, but then pick up the kids on Sat. at 6am to drive them back. Well, from the earlier actions and words that had occurred, the kids' dad said that he would take them home himself.

But he would not be able to bring them home until Jan. 3rd. See, his worry was that since they had already played the non communication button with me and judging how they were treating Alex, then what was to stop them from stranding her somewhere with limited phone service. She's 18, find your own way home kind of deal.

Now I said I really don't think that would happen, but then again...

So he texts his sister to let her know he would take them home and to not worry about it. She, in a shocking moment, says, "Then guess we no longer have a brother, niece or nephew. You are all dead to us. Have a nice life and we are going home tomorrow."

Now me of course, said that maybe she's just angry and will get past it, even though that's a horrible thing to say. But he is convinced that they are serious, given their past history with the family anyway.

-sigh- I told him there is one good thing about it and that's thankfully it happened now rather than them sitting there and hearing the nonsense the 13 hour drive back. He did apologize to me about it. I said it was fine, I am just glad they are safe.

So I already asked for the 5th and 6th off, that's when the kids and I will have our Christmas.

-shakes her head- Family, gotta love them.


Molly said...

Oh My!

Drama, Drama, Drama!!

Mama said...

I am glad that the kids are getting to see their father. Sorry about "the aunties", but consider the source. I'm still horrified that a 41-year old man is being sent to "real" active duty to the most dangerous place on the planet at this moment. He has been a good father to them 'till the step-monster arrived. My prayers are that he comes home safe & sound. Hope you all have a nice belated Christmas. Love, Mama.