Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hi kids! :cough cough:

I have been away for a while and I apologize for that. I have come down with a case of the yuckies. Seems the constant torture I have put on my mind and body finally caught up with me.

I started feeling bad on Wed. Thursday I had off, so what do I do instead of spending it with Jack filming the new episode? Stay in bed all day. I go back to work a 10 hour shift on Fri and my boss freaks out, saying you need to go home. Well, that didn't happen as there was no one else available.

So I say I will stick it out but I will take Sat off to get better. Which I do feel quite a bit better, if not 100% yet. I cannot wait to see just what I have in store for me being gone that one day and all. I received 6 work related emails just yesterday and I'm sure there are more floating waiting for me.

As it is, there are talks of my GM stepping down as she feels she is not being treated properly. The other person in the office seems to believe that she is the one in charge. Now she has asked me to report to her, which I do, but then she gets upset when I go to my GM. Now if I understand correctly, the GM is the next in command, then this person. Isn't that breaking the chain if I go to the other person first?

I don't quite get it, but okay. Since most of the issues I take to my GM are hotel related and the other person there has NO hotel experience, who should I go to, hmmm? Now my GM says that she doesn't want the stupid drama and if the other person wants the glory, then fine. But she had better be prepared for the gory stuff as well.

That's the problem. You see, when dealing with guests, it's not always happy moments. Most of it is, but there are those times when it really sucks to be in guest service as I'm sure I have posted here at some occasions. You cannot lose your temper or even jump to conclusions.

Like it or not, 90% of the time, the guest is right. And even that 10% will try to prove they're right also. It's work, and that's what you do. I do it because I love it. Yeah, it may be a pain in my ass sometimes, but if went smoothly all the time, it'd be boring. And who wants that?

I will find out next week what is going to happen. There is also rumors of me getting bumped to manager. I have been wanting that for so long. I won't hold my breath, but I will continue to bust out with the super duper guest servicey attitude that is me. I know they notice. At least I should be getting a raise with all the extra work and hours I put in.

I'll keep you all posted. Love to all.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Sweatheart. Sorry you haven't been well. Call me. Mama