Friday, March 20, 2009

I went on a small trip down Memory Lane yesterday

So we were supposed to go to Hemet, (Jack, Kile and I) for a special Disney presentation. But as what usually happens, we got a little off schedule and traffic was not on our side. It did lead to some funny conversations though.

As we are traveling down the 91, it becomes very apparent that we are NOT going to make it to the 7pm beginning. None of us want to be that guy, we all don't like "that guy." You know, the ones that try to slide in during a show and pretend like it's normal.

Anyhow, we are driving and there is Castle Park. Oh yeah, I haven't been there for years. Not since I lived over in that area. It' s the general consensus in the truck that there is no way we will make it on time, so why don't we go and check out Castle Park? (Neither of them had been there before)

I know what you're thinking. Castle Park over Disney? Or for that matter, Super Walmart? Well, it seemed silly to drive all the way out to Hemet just for Super Walmart. At least this trip. But don't worry, my sister. I will go out there and take pics for you.

But anyhow, we get off the freeway and discover there is only one entrance. Oh boy. It looks like a ghost town since the rides are only open on the weekends. Oh, wait there are some people playing golf. Okay.

We check the sign and it says closes at 8pm. What!??! All right then. One round of golf. I pick Course 3. Wow, I think the person that designed this course also was responsible for most of the roads in Riverside County. It was loops and dead ends and holes in strange places.

But we had a lot of fun with Jack winning. Of course, we are finishing up and they make the announcement they are closing. Okay, no worries. But when we drop off our clubs, ALL the doors are closed and we had to walk around the castle to the parking lot. That was interesting and weird.

Kile says he's hungry, so we go to the IHOP down the street. He pulls into what seems to be the logical driveway. Oh no, it's a fire lane that should be open, but has 2 trucks parked in it. He has to do the most creative driving I've seen in a while. I didn't think a truck could be a pretzel like that.

Then we came back home and played a few video games. Jack showed him a Japanese Disney game on the computer, then Fatal Frame on PS2, then they played WDW Racing that is sort of like Mario Cart.

It wasn't what we expected, but it was a good time.

And because I am a freak like that, I did get some pics of the haunted house on another course. It was with my phone, so they are kind of scratchy. But here you go...

Yeah, I could live there.


Rita said...

Sounds like you had a really fun day.

Castle Park used to be so much fun, but then I was 13the last time I went. LOL!

Mama said...

You both make me smile.