Sunday, February 22, 2009

Keith is healing nicely

So I did write about us going over to redress Keith's finger. I thought you might like to see how well it looks after only a few days.

Thanks to Molly for showing the staff how to take care of it.

Hopefully, with this treatment, he won't need any surgery.


Rita said...

Hey, Paul & I watched the movie tonight & he laughed through the whole thing, so I think it was a hit. I', very glad he liked it since it's one of my fav movies.

Thanks so much!

Mama said...

What a great gift Ruthie. We can never laugh too much. That movie is the reason we drove 150 miles out of the way to see Punxatawny. Every time they play 'I've Got You Babe' on the oldies radio stations I think of that movie and laugh.

Mama said...

ps. Keith's finger seems to be healing nicely.

Ruthie said...

Well, we'll see just how much it has healed on Wed.

I'll keep you posted.