Friday, February 27, 2009

I went on a date yesterday!

Let me explain. Now I will be posting the Sea World pics soon, but this just has to be written about first.

The mail comes and there is a card for Jack. He opens it and it's from his Mom. Inside are some gift cards for Carl's Jr. and two movie vouchers for AMC. So he says to me, "Would you like to go out to lunch and a movie with me?"

Of course I will! I love that he still asks me like we have only been together for a few months, not 7 years. So we go to the Block to have lunch and they have Coraline toys! Wow, that movie was amazing, but I had not seen any toys. So he buys me the set. How sweet!

Then we go to the theater. Now we had decided that since we get to go for free, let's go and see something we normally would just wait to see on DVD. So in the spirit of well, us, we go see Friday the 13th.

Oh boy, now I knew it would be different. We aren't really fans of the slasher genre of horror anyway, but we tried to give it a chance. But this was awful. The acting was terrible, the kills were boring (all 12 of them, 14 if you count the implied ones) and the side plot that was shoved into it didn't work at all.

The only thing that was great was that we were the only ones in the theater. So yes, we made some smart aleck comments. Jack and I were laughing throughout most of it. Jason was no longer this lumbering idiot. He was fast, sort of smart, and wow it only took him 20 years to finally figure out those pesky arts and crafts.

But you didn't care. That was sad. I wanted everyone to die. Even the "heroes" and heck even Jason. So when the big finale happened, it was meh. We did have a lot of fun though. Afterwards, we reviewed it and came to the conclusion of 3 and 1/2 jack-o-lanterns out of 5.

Only because if you are a fan of the series, it is just what you would expect. But don't rush out to see it. I'm just glad I didn't pay to watch.

Wow, does that sound cynical? It's not. I just have to know what someone's motivation is. Pinhead has one, Freddy has one, even Michael Myers has one. But Jason has been living at Camp Crystal Lake for over 20 years. Get over it, dude. Seriously.

That's just my opinion.

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Rita said...

I glad to know Jack still take you out on a date once in a while. Don't ever let him stop.