Monday, December 15, 2008

I really want to make it work

So I talked to both my kids today and oh boy. I found out what they would like for Christmas.

A Disneyland Annual Pass

Bloodshot eyes goggles from Willy Wonka
Harry Potter Quidditch goggles
20 Questions-Harry Potter version
Captain Barbossa pendant
The Dark Knight on DVD

I want to get Keith the bloodshot eye goggles and the Dark Knight DVD. But I asked Alex if there was anything else and she said no, she just wants the AP. Man, a deluxe one (which covers the whole year, no blackouts) is about $389! The one just below that with a few blackouts is $269! The ones that Jack and I have that means you cannot go to Disneyland on Saturdays and most of summer is $174.

And you know she'll definitely want to go on weekends with her friends.

I tried to explain that this would be the ONLY gift she would get and she said okay.

But I have no idea how the heck I can make that work. The only one I could try for would be the $269 one, but jeez even I don't have that status. I am stressing out here.

On a plus note, I told her about the shoes from Grandma and she was so excited! So there you go. At least one present will be a hit.

I just wish she had told me sooner. I would saved up for it.

:crosses fingers: Somehow I'll figure it out.


Rita said...


Ruthie said...

Hey, I did find out that she does like Lancome makeup as well. So if you want to get her pretty girly stuff, that would be awesome.

On a good note, I did find out that I may be able to get the pass after all since Disneyland is now accepting payments.

Mama said...

I have waited for two days to calm down before I left a comment. First, I never told Alex what kind of shoes I was considering, and that was not your information to divulge.

Mama said...

Second, I am so disappointed in my granddaughter that my heart is sad. How dare she ask for something so outrageous from someone who is always walking the tightrope of survival? Just remember Ruthie, this is the very same child who changed her mind about living with you when she contemplated having to give up a few of life's extras. She has never held down a job and has no concept of the value of money. What has she done to deserve your making yourself so stressed at what is supposed to be a wonderful time of the year? I have two daughters. One has never asked for anything in her entire life, for any occasion; even when she was little. The other has always been grateful and appreciative of anything she received, no matter how small. Consequently, I would give them both the world if it were in my realm to do so. I don't believe in gratifying greed or unreal ecpectations from those who have no clue. Ruthie, do not make yourself crazy over this "gift". She would never ask her father for something so outrageous, and he could probably afford it. You do not have to buy her affection, it is never appreciated. The name Timothy comes to mind; and just remember, he left and never looked back. I love you so much, and if I could wrap that up, I'd give you endless bushels of it. Please be sensible and tell her to think of something else because..."Lets face it, you can't even afford to get Jack something that expensive and he brings you love, comfort and joy every day of your life."

Ruthie said...

I realized too late I made a mistake when I said something to her about the shoes. I'm sorry that I made a mess of that.

But you're right about this. I am having a very hard time with this "gift" that she wants so badly, and yes she has not shown me any reason for me to spend that amount of money other than she's my daughter and I want to make her happy.

And yes, she should be happy regardless of what I can or cannot get her. It has never been that way before, and I can't imagine she would be so shallow.

At least I hope not. Thank you for that smack of wakefulness I needed. I love you very much and she will have to realize that I can willingly give her my love, support and happiness. Anything else is just icing on the cake.

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