Saturday, November 22, 2008

The one thing that I know grosses out my Mom

Sorry, Mom. You may want to avert your eyes on this post. Tonight I was informed by a guest that there was a large bug by the elevator. She said it had gone behind the fire door. I look and ew it was a potato bug. I had to keep my cool and just let the guest know that yes it was harmless and we would get rid of it.

Dang thing was huge and ugly. But that didn't stop me from taking some pictures of it.

So Mom, don't look.

Yeah, it makes my skin crawl too. I had to call my maintenance guy to take it outside for me. Otherwise it would have been good friends with the broom as I escorted it to the great outdoors.


Edit: I had the maintenance guy come and ask me how it got into the hotel since we have mostly asphalt around us. I told him that these usually live in gardens and don't go off on adventures.

Then I remembered that the group had brought several fresh floral arrangements so the likelyhood was high that that's how it got in here.

But we don't dare say anything to them. It was an accident anyways. Still....YUCK.

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Mama said...

The only reason I would have had for calling maintenance would be to clean up the squishy spot on the carpet. Oh, and to help me move from the spot knowing that a gooey potato bug was under my shoe.
Love, Mama